13 years collaboration with the Bahía de Algeciras Athletics Club

This local club has become a national benchmark and the only club in the province of Cádiz to be recognized by the Junta de Andalucía regional government in the Estrella-Elite program. Evos Algeciras is immensely proud to be a longstanding part of a project that brings together everyone in society.

The club embodies values such as solidarity, tenacity, desire to excel and teamwork across 14 sports schools, with nearly 300 young people, 160 major category licenses and 80 minor category licenses. It has nurtured many well-known sport stars and this season the men’s team will return to the first national premier division.

Evos Algeciras looks forward to some exciting new challenges for the coming year, particularly the ambition of the women’s team to return to the first division. “The successes of the Bahía de Algeciras Athletics Club are our successes because they make us feel part of their great family”, says Belén Gestoso, Managing Director Evos Algeciras.

Photo: Belén Gestoso (left) and Mr. José Mota Díaz, president of the Athletics club (right)