Extensive naphtha network for petrochemical and blending demand


Storage and handling of naphtha for chemical applications or gasoline blending is a key expertise of our Terneuzen, Ghent and Amsterdam terminals. Amsterdam’s large-scale blending hub provides a prime trading positioning with access to the ARA gasoline pool. Ghent and Terneuzen sites feature integrated pipelines and connections via road, rail, and waterways to numerous petrochemical producers and consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France.



Unique dedicated hub in Europe’s largest naphtha centres


Our Terneuzen terminal is a unique, dedicated naphtha hub with direct connectivity to one of Europe’s largest naphtha demand centres. Operating 24/7, it offers a safe and efficient platform for producers, traders, and off-takers of naphtha. The terminal provides direct deepwater access to the North Sea and congestion-free connections to key international road and rail networks.



Sustainable feedstocks blending for future bio-based industries



The zero-emission Terneuzen naphtha hub, with advanced blending capabilities including bionaphtha and pyrolysis oil, plays a crucial role in our customers’ energy transition. Our facilities attract long-term structural businesses by supplying sustainable feedstocks to the chemical industry. Our Ghent and Terneuzen terminals are members of Smart Delta Resources, a transnational partnership aiming for a competitive and climate-neutral industry in the region.

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