(Bio- and e-) methanol

Distribution of the most widely produced organic chemical


At the core of our methanol portfolio is our Rotterdam terminal, operating one of the largest storage pools in an absolute hub location, with connectivity to vessel, barge, truck, and rail transport modes for all distribution needs. The comingled storage allows in-tank trading, without the need for physical transfers. With our highly celebrated accessibility and flexibility, this terminal is a safe haven for reliable operations. Additionally, our Amsterdam site extends the capabilities of Rotterdam, creating a multi-terminal comingled storage solution and offering even more distribution possibilities to our customers.



Methanol bunkering for shipping decarbonisation


We are the only tank storage platform in Europe operating terminals in all key bunker ports –Rotterdam, Hamburg, Algeciras and Malta. With existing positions in Rotterdam and Algeciras, and the capability to develop at our Hamburg and Malta terminals, we are the one-stop-shop for methanol bunkering across the continent. By combining our experience, expertise and terminal network we are able to develop fit for purpose methanol bunkering solutions. The initial roll-out of this concept will start in Rotterdam, with other terminals to follow. We are members of the Methanol Institute, which promotes the use of alternative fuels for decarbonising the maritime industry.



Renewable methanol for environmental stewardship


We offer storage for renewable methanol that meets International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association (IMPCA) specifications. We store two forms of renewable methanol: biomethanol and e-methanol. As promising alternatives to fossil fuels, particularly in sectors where decarbonisation is challenging, biomethanol and e-methanol serve as clean fuels for marine transport and as hydrogen carriers.

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