Synthetic fuels

Synthetic fuels or eFuels , also known as renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO), are an important contributor for allowing fossil fuels to be phased out gradually. The EU defines these fuels as being “produced using energy from other renewable energy sources”. Examples are jet fuel turning into eSAF, grey methanol into e-methanol and naphtha into e-naphtha.

The main building blocks of eFuels are green hydrogen and biogenic CO2. eFuels are produced through a process that involves capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere or other sources and combining it with hydrogen. The hydrogen is typically generated via electrolysis of water, powered by renewable energy such as wind or solar power. The combined hydrogen and captured CO2 can then be converted into various types of fuels, such as methane or liquid hydrocarbons, which are chemically similar to conventional gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel. eFuels are particularly interesting for sectors where direct electrification is challenging, such as aviation, heavy transport, and some industrial processes. As such, these future flows are essential for building a global circular economy.



We facilitate the transition to eFuels at all our terminals across Europe in existing capacity.



Powerful network of strategic locations


With terminals in main European ports, Evos’ unique presence enables customers to play a key role in the eFuel value chain. Whether offering opportunities with neighboring land to build a plant, or facilitating transfer of available heat from nearby plants, or through pipeline connections to airports, Evos has many advantages to offer.


Our extensive gasoline, gasoil and methanol storage networks present excellent opportunities for tank-to-tank blending of eFuels with existing products, as well as full segregation of clean eFuels. Whether for direct delivery (bunkering), feedstock for other processes, blending or transshipment, our terminals can handle eFuels already and surely in future.

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