LOHC stands for Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers. These are compounds that can reversibly store and release hydrogen, enabling the storage and transportation of hydrogen in a safe and efficient manner. LOHCs represent a promising approach to hydrogen storage and transportation, offering advantages in safety, energy density, and compatibility with existing infrastructure. Ongoing research and development efforts aim to further optimize LOHC systems for commercial deployment across various sectors.


We are actively involved in various initiatives for developing LOHC value chains and aims to provide storage capacity in a number of key geographical locations.

Strategic European locations


Our unique presence in key European ports allows our customers to play an important role in the hydrogen value chain. Through its terminals in the Mediterranean and the ARA region, we can facilitate a new hydrogen route between South and Northwest Europe.


We are a founding member of the H2A platform, a platform that focuses on the development of supply chains for green hydrogen imports through the port of Amsterdam.

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