Pyrolysis oil

Market access and compliance for sustainable products


The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) of our terminals guarantees that all stored products meet rigorous sustainability criteria, ensuring environmentally responsible practices throughout the supply chain. This certification enables compliance with regulations such as the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), which is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for entering markets that require certified sustainable products.



Congestion-free direct connectivity for enhanced value in chemical industry


Centrally located in Europe within the North Sea Port logistics hub, our Terneuzen multipurpose terminal is situated in the Value Park. It offers direct connections to railroads, road networks, international waterways, and direct pipelines, supplying feedstocks to the chemical complex.



Advanced infrastructure meeting the highest standards of safety and efficiency


Our zero-emission 24/7 Terneuzen terminal features advanced blending capabilities for naphtha and pyrolysis oil, and essential heating for polymerization, ensuring flexible and reliable services that support our customers’ sustainable operations.