Hamburg blue hub project launch
Hamburg blue hub project launch

In August 2022 a delegation comprising Evos Hamburg GmbH, the LOTHER GROUP and Dr Peter Tschentscher, first mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, traveled to South America. Whilst on the trip they took the opportunity to jointly agree on the further development of an innovative process for the storage of renewable fuels such as e-methanol, e-fuels (petrol and diesel), but also hydrogen and its derivatives, etc. The focus of this cooperation is to contribute to the decarbonisation of air travel, shipping and heavy transport. Hamburg is to become a central import port for synthetic and climate-friendly fuels from all over the world.

Economics Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard: “We want to develop Hamburg into one of the most important distribution centres for green hydrogen and its derivatives in Europe. On this path, we need reliable partners who recognise the opportunities of the time, roll up their sleeves and get to work. It is therefore good news that the companies Evos Hamburg GmbH and the LOTHER GROUP want to cooperate here in Hamburg. The Hamburg Blue Hub is a central project in a chain of necessary projects towards an import port for green hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels in Hamburg.”

Managing Director of Evos Group Harry Deans: “We have decades – 70 years – of safe, reliable and efficient handling and storage of conventional fuels with all the know-how that goes with it. Evos is determined to put our extensive experience to great use and ensure that we handle future fuels with the same care and expertise, but with the lowest carbon footprint we can achieve!”

Managing Director of the LOTHER GROUP Matthias Bartholl: “The LOTHER GROUP, as a family-owned company and classic Hamburg medium-sized enterprise, is pleased to make a practical and meaningful contribution to the energy transition with the Hamburg Blue Hub and to cooperate with the terminal operator EVOS to this end. Liquid synthetic fuels from CO2-neutral methanol to eFuels for aviation, shipping and road transport, together with green hydrogen, will be an important component of future mobility and for our climate-friendly heat generation. Together with eFuel GmbH, we are intensively committed to ensuring that green molecules produced in wind- and sun-rich regions of the world – e.g. in Chile or North Africa – are delivered to Germany and help us achieve our climate targets here.”

(Photo at the top) Harry Deans, CEO of Evos, Matthias Bartholl, Managing Director of the Lother Group, Melanie Leonhard, Hamburg’s Economics Senator and Diego Pardow, Energy Minister of the Republic of Chile.