We operate in a safe, secure and sustainable way

Let’s evolve together

We partner with forward-looking customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Transition partnerships are the way forward to a more sustainable future. Together we can make a bigger impact to move the energy transition forward. Optimising conventional storage solutions and developing new ones for more sustainable fuels.

Safety first at all times

In everything we do. Protecting our people, the products we handle and our planet. Ensuring safe and secure operations at all times.

  • We include sustainability in every part of our operation, working closely together with our partners.
  • We protect our planet by reducing and use energy wisely.
  • We factor Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into our daily decisions to create lasting value for everyone.

Transition partnerships

We partner with our customers, suppliers, investors, and with society to develop both our existing product portfolio and new energy storage solutions. We believe sustainable progress can only be made together. We call this transition partnerships.


We have our network, knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset to match supply and demand. And we are actively looking for more opportunities to partner up. Want to drive energy transition forward? Get in touch!

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Towards circular economy

Together with our partners, we build responsible and ethical energy supply chains. We are already diversifying our portfolio with renewable products that have a lower carbon footprint such as (bio) ethanol, HVO and FAME. Meanwhile we optimise our conventional storage, enabling us to invest in new energy solutions.

Inclusion and equal opportunities

We embrace the uniqueness and talents of each individual contributing to our collective efforts.

We’ve expanded this inclusive approach by being strongly grounded within the local urban communities of each port and playing an active role in society.

Environmental impact

We work every day to ensure no harm is caused to local habitats from spillages, while consistently reducing the emissions that occur from our operations. Using cleaner resources and decarbonised energy systems every day. Facilitating essential product flows in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Proud of our first near-zero emission terminal in Terneuzen. Making the transition for all other terminals to become near-net zero.

We act with integrity

We commit to the highest ethical standards and to the conduct of our business and operations in an ethical and compliant manner. Find our policies:

Let's evolve together

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Our sustainability reports

Our sustainability reports show the efforts and impact we make on health, safety, environment, work conditions, contributions to society and good business conduct.

Sustainability report 2022

Sustainability report 2021

Sustainability report 2020