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Gasoline is a vital component of daily mobility worldwide and remains one of the most actively traded commodities. Crafting the ideal gasoline grade, balancing cleaner combustion, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact, is a multifaceted endeavour. The complex nature of gasoline, coupled with its global trade imbalances, seasonality, and evolving specifications across regions, have long facilitated arbitrage opportunities for our customers using our flagship gasoline storage and blending facilities in Amsterdam.


Through our strategic asset network spanning the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) and Mediterranean hubs, we provide access to consolidated gasoline infrastructure and common blending components. This facilitates profitable opportunities for intra-terminal trading, product swaps, combined vessel loadings, and optimised trade strategies.

  • Large-scale gasoline storage for enhanced supply chain efficiency
  • Superior deep-sea waterfront for freight costs optimisation
  • Customised blending to meet market specifications and environmental standards
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(Bio) Naphtha


Naphtha is an essential feedstock for the chemical industry, used as a raw material in producing various chemicals. It also serves as a primary feedstock in gasoline production. Alongside conventional naphtha, we store bionaphtha, which contains minimal amounts of sulphur and other impurities, making it valuable to gasoline blenders and petrochemical producers aiming to reduce the carbon intensity of their products.


Efficient logistics are crucial for quickly moving naphtha to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities, as supply and demand centres are often located in different geographical areas. We offer excellent facilities for trading, storage, blending, and distribution of (bio)naphtha through our network of terminals in Terneuzen, Ghent, and Amsterdam, providing dedicated infrastructure and experienced customer service.

  • Extensive naphtha network for petrochemical and blending demand
  • Unique dedicated hub in Europe’s largest naphtha centres
  • Sustainable feedstocks blending for future bio-based industries
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Pyrolysis oil


As a valuable renewable feedstock, pyrolysis oil presents a promising pathway for the chemical industry to enhance sustainability, reduce waste, and meet the growing demand for recycled materials. Pyrolysis oil is derived from plastic waste, which is processed into naphtha for petrochemical applications. This process supports the transition to a circular economy by recycling plastic waste into high-quality alternative fuel feedstocks, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels and supporting future biobased industries.


With over five years of experience in handling and storing pyrolysis oil for diverse customers, we bring expertise and quality assurance in sustainable feedstocks operations. Our proven track record ensures safe storage practices and efficient logistics, essential for development of innovative solutions that integrate pyrolysis oil into the circular economy transition. We are members of Smart Delta Resources, a transnational partnership aiming for a competitive and climate-neutral industry.

  • Market access and compliance for sustainable products
  • Congestion-free direct connectivity for enhanced value in chemical industry
  • Advanced infrastructure meeting the highest standards of safety and efficiency
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(Bio) Diesel


Diesel is widely used in transportation and industrial applications for its high energy density and efficiency. The shift toward sustainable fuels has increased demand for biodiesel such as FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) and HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), which can be blended with diesel to lower emissions.


With over half of our terminals specializing in biodiesel storage, extensive accessibility to European hinterlands, large number of jetties, and multiple modalities, we aim to be a preferred partner in transitioning from conventional to biofuels operations.

  • Flexible and reliable infrastructure for transition to sustainable fuels
  • Long-standing market presence serving retail, trading and specialty supply
  • Technology reinforced operations
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(Bio) Ethanol


We store and handle bioethanol in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Ghent, making us Europe’s largest bioethanol storage provider. We view bioethanol as a lasting solution for decarbonisation, used in blending with road fuels, sustainable aviation fuels, green chemicals, and in plug-in flex-fuel hybrid vehicles.


Our extensive infrastructure and experience allow us to offer value-added services, from breaking bulk to making bulk. Our market-leading facilities help producers and traders excel in the competitive bioethanol market. We are committed to developing and investing in new bioethanol storage solutions through long-term partnerships.

  • One-stop-shop with dedicated expertise and excellent infrastructure
  • Efficient denaturing solutions, both in-line and in-tank
  • Bioethanol imports for gasoline blending
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(Bio- and e-) Methanol


Storage of (bio) methanol is ingrained in our DNA, with positions across our terminal portfolio in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Ghent, and Algeciras. From comingled storage for IMPCA specification methanol to segregated storage for different qualities of renewable methanol, we have solutions.


Our strategic locations range from a multi-customer hub in Rotterdam (with Amsterdam as an extension) to more local storage in Ghent and direct access to the biofuels bunkering hub in Algeciras. We welcome new partnerships with producers, traders, and consumers to develop the methanol supply chain together.

  • Distribution of the most widely produced organic chemical
  • Methanol bunkering for shipping decarbonisation
  • Renewable methanol for environmental stewardship
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(Sustainable) Aviation Fuels


Get to know us, your premier solution for aviation fuel excellence in the greater ARA region, with key hubs in Amsterdam and Ghent for storage and blending of jet fuel and SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). Our terminals offer aviation fuel storage and handling compliant with Joint Inspection Group (JIG) standards. Starting in 2024, we are proud members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an organisation dedicated to reducing fuel emissions and promoting the use of alternative fuels in the aviation sector.


SAF  is a low-carbon substitute for kerosene made from biofuels, recycled carbon aviation fuels, or synthetic fuels. As part of ReFuel EU targets, SAF’s minimum share in aviation fuels will increase from 2% in 2025 to 70% by 2050, driving European SAF demand. Join forces with us and propel your aviation fuel strategy into the future.

  • Solid market position fostered by direct connectivity
  • Trusted and compliant aviation fuel partner
  • SAF storage and blending hub to meet surging global demand
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Marine Fuels


We are well-positioned in all key bunker hubs in ARA, Hamburg, and the Mediterranean. As one of the busiest shipping routes globally, the Mediterranean Sea generates significant demand for bunkering and  marine fuel storage. We hold the largest bunker market share with exclusive positions of our terminals in the Strait of Gibraltar and Malta.


Our competitive advantage lies in high blending capabilities and product segregation. All terminals allow our customers to store and blend various bunker products, including HSFO, VLSFO, DMA, Bio30, and feedstocks. We hold a strong position in the storage of biofuels and alternative marine fuels, such as renewable methanol.

  • Ideally equipped assets to serve regional bunker markets
  • Blending services for increasing demand in greener bunker fuels
  • Developing solutions for the energy transition in the bunker market
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Base oils

With our Hamburg terminal, we stand as a leading base oils hub in Northwest Europe. As the sole provider of specialised base oils capacities in northern Germany, we serve as the gateway to major lubricant plants, with dedicated infrastructure that allows us to deliver a diverse range of tailored services.


Fully integrated into production plants supply chain, our services ensure flawless production execution. As the market evolves, our customers invent technologies to create products with sustainability in mind, including 100% renewable base oils. We remain open to developing and investing in new base oils storage solutions through enduring partnerships.

  • Central point for base oils expertise and excellent segregated capacities
  • Delivering product quality is a key success factor
  • Sustainability and responsibility driving the base oils market development
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